Kaputo was holding a gun when we arrived at crime scene, Cop tells court

A detective Sergeant has told the Lusaka High Court that police officers found murder accused Nshinka Kaputo holding a gun at the scene while talking on phone, adding that he only surrendered the firearm after officers threatened to cock their weapons.

Sergeant Bright Nsama told the court that when Kaputo was asked why he shot his girlfriend Precious Mangesana, his response was “you can’t understand”.

This is the matter in which a Lusaka businessman, Nshinka Kaputo, is charged with two counts of murdering his girlfriend Precious Mangesana and acts intended to cause grievous harm.

Kaputo, 34, is alleged to have shot dead Mangesana, a MultiChoice employee, on October 5, 2017.

It is further alleged that on the same date, Kaputo shot his daughter, Naila Kaputo, an act intended to cause grievous harm.

And when the matter came up for continuation of trial before Justice Catherine Phiri, Thursday, the court was moved to the crime scene in Lusaka’s Meanwood area.

A detective sergeant, Bright Nsama then told the court that when officers arrived at the scene on the material day, they found the accused standing at the gate with a gun in his hand, while talking on phone.

He told the court that Kaputo refused to surrender the gun when he was ordered to, thrice.

Nsama said Kaputo only surrendered the firearm after the lead officer ordered Nsama and other officers to cock their guns to compel the accused to drop his weapon.

“We were about three police officers when we arrived at the scene of crime. Detective Sergent Kakwisa Liamba ordered the suspect who was at the time talking on the phone, to drop it and surrender the gun [but] he never did. At that point, Sergent Kakwisa told us to cock our guns and that was when he handed over the gun,” he said.

Nsama further told the court that when Kaputo was asked why he shot Mangesana, his response was “you can’t understand”.

Meanwhile, another officer, Sergent Kakwisa Liamba told judge Phiri that after disarming the accused person, he gave the gun to his fellow officer, adding that Kaputo even warned the officer to be careful as the gun was loaded.

Sergent Liamba added that before Kaputo could be taken to police, he asked how his daughter was doing as she was the only person he really worried about.

The court was further informed that police recovered a gun, Spare Magazine, a Cell phone and a black gun porch from Kaputo.

Trial continues.

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