A 43-year-old housemaid of Lusaka has been dragged to the Magistrates’ Court for allegedly administering poison to four slices of bread prepared for her female boss.

In this matter, Naomi Muyemba is charged with one count of maliciously administering poison with intent to harm.

Particular of the offence allege that on July 6, 2019, in Lusaka, Muyemba jointly and whilst acting together with others unknown, unlawfully and with intent to harm, administered unknown poison to four slices of bread meant for Petronella Nkumbakwa.

The matter has been allocated to Magistrate Judy Chiyaika where Muyemba is expected to take plea.

According to sources, it is alleged that on the material day between 06:00 and 08:00 hours, Nkumbakwa, a manager at TATA Zambia Limited, was at her residence in Kamwala Site and Service.

After preparing herself for work, she found that Muyemba had already prepared four slices of bread and fried eggs for breakfast.

As Nkumbakwa was late, she allegedly packed the same breakfast and drove for work.

Whilst driving, she removed the lunch box, but as she wanted to take a bite, she noticed some black substance on the slice of bread and fried eggs.

After noticing the said substance, Nkumbakwa avoided eating the breakfast.

It is also alleged that on the material day, her husband refused to have breakfast as he was fasting.