The Livingstone Local Court has fined a 33-year-old man K40,000 for having an affair with a married woman.

In this matter, Elliot Moomba, 27, of Molite Compound in Livingstone, had sued Marsho Chinga, 33, of the same area, claiming K50,000 compensation for adultery.

Moomba told the Court that his wife confessed having an affair with the defendant after he found the two sitting in a shebeen in a compromised manner.

He told the Court that he married his wife, Laureen Syalubono, in 2007 and was charged K2,790 as bride price, which he paid in full.

He said at one time, one of his tenants complained to him over his wife’s drinking habits at a named shebeen in their neighborhood.

Moomba added that he warned his wife over the same and she promised to change.

He said when his tenant shifted from their house, he warned him to be careful and advised him to observe his wife’s movements.

Moomba explained that in May this year, he received a call from his wife’s nephew, who said he wanted to see him urgently and advised him to be brave.

He said his wife’s nephew disclosed to him that his wife had an affair with his friend and also advised him to go a named shebeen.

“He told me that my wife had an affair with his friend and that his friend confided in him that he was in love with her. He also advised me to go a named shebeen where I found my wife sitting with Marsho in an compromised manner. However, I held my heart and took my wife away and she confessed having an affair with Marsho,” Moomba narrated.

He said after confessing, his wife apologised to him and promised that she would never do such a thing again.

When asked about the allegation, Moomba’s wife, Syalubono, admitted having an affair with the defendant.

She told the Court that at one time, she had sex with Chinga at his house for an hour and afterwards went home.

Asked by the Court to describe Chinga’s house, Syalubono said it was two-bedroomed flat, which was within his father’s yard.

Syalubono also apologised to her husband and the family.

Meanwhile, Aaron Mwiinga told the Court that Moomba was his uncle who married his aunt, Syalubono.

He told the Court that the defendant was his friend who worked at SWASCO, a water utility.

Mwiinga said Chinga confided in him that he was in love with his aunt and that the two were planning on getting married.

“I warned him that she was already married, but he couldn’t stop the affair. I felt embarrassed by my aunt’s behaviour and decided to tell my uncle about the illicit affair,” said Mwiinga.

However, the defendant denied the allegations, saying he knew nothing and had no statement to give to the Court.

But Senior Local Court Magistrate Essau Daka and Magistrate L M Matafwali, however, found him guilty and ordered Chinga to compensate Moomba K40,000, to be paid in monthly installments of K1,000.