A YOUNGER sister of a missing Zambia Army officer has asked the Lusaka High Court to declare him dead to enable the management of his estate as nothing has been heard of him for over seven years.

Ruth Mwale of house no. MQ53 ZAF in Lusaka has cited Hillary Mwale as the deceased.

She stated in her affidavit in support of originating summons filed in Lusaka High Court Principal Registry on March 23, this year, that she was Hillary’s immediate younger sister.

Ruth added that Hillary was a Zambian citizen and holder of National Registration Card no. 230368/16/1.

She explained that Hillary was a single officer of the Zambia Army and worked at Gonda Barracks in Chipata, Eastern Province.

Ruth further stated that Hillary was reported sick and when picked from Chipata, he was admitted to Chainama Hills Hospital where he escaped.

She stated that Hillary was known as a mental patient and his employer knew about his illness.

Ruth stated that his family reported him missing at the police station and that following the filing of the missing person report, there was nothing forthcoming and a search was conducted in several hospital wards and mortuaries, but nothing came forth.

She added that following another passage of time, a further missing person report was filed in an effort to locate Hillary and another one was made through an advertisement in the Times of Zambia newspaper of September 24, 2019, but still to no avail.

Ruth stated that all necessary efforts had been made to locate Hilary, but to no avail.

She is now seeking the indulgence of the Court to declare the said Hillary Mwale dead to enable the management of his estate as nothing had been heard of or from him for more than seven years now.