MASAITI PF member of parliament Micheal Katambo has dragged former Masaiti District Commissioner Joseph Mwambana to the Lusaka High Court seeking damages for defamation for accusing him of not being truthful about COVID-19 donations from government.

Katambo, who is also Minister of Agriculture, wants damages for defamation of character as well as mental distress and anguish.

He further wants punitive damages on account of Mwambana’s conduct and an apology to be published in the daily newspapers having a wide circulation in Zambia.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Katambo stated that Mwambana between April and June this year, made a video of himself where he made several allegations against him.

He stated that Mwambana accused him of having not been truthful on the donated COVID relief from government as he had made it seem like they came from him (Katambo) when in fact not.

Katambo stated that Mwambana further claimed that the donations were only taken to the PF area, neglecting his community of Masaiti.

He added that the contents of the said video suggested that he (Katambo) was a dishonest and corrupt man.

“The plaintiff will state at trial that the contents of the video in their ordinary and natural meaning were meant to mean or suggest that the plaintiff is a dishonest and corrupt man who is motivated by money and that he is a deceitful person who lacks the integrity to hold the office that he holds, of Member of Parliament for Masaiti and Minister of Agriculture,” read the statement of claim.

Katambo further stated that Mwambana also called him a manipulative person who intimidated Council workers in Masaiti and abused his powers using the council property to prop up his political ambitions and aspirations, among other things.

He added that the said video which contained untrue and defamatory comments had been circulated to the public through internet and social media, thereby injuring his reputation as a politician.

Katambo stated that the said video was designed to damage his reputation and to pour scorn on him.

He lamented that the defamatory comments had diminished his esteem, respect or confidence which he holds as a member of parliament for Masaiti and Minister of Agriculture.

Katambo further stated that Mwambana had continued posting various videos containing innuendos that he (Katambo) was behind the use of Masaiti General Hospital as a COVID Treatment Center.

He is now seeking damages for defamation of character, among other claims.