NEMCHEM International Limited has dragged NRB Pharma Zambia Limited to the Lusaka High Court claiming payment of over K135,000 due to it in respect of cleaning, sanitary and gardening services rendered to the defendant.

Nemchem International is seeking payment of K135,276.53 for the period of December, 2018, February, March and April, 2019 at the defendant’s own request and instance.

In its statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Nemchem International explained that it was a registered company engaged in the business of selling hygienic cleaning equipment and consumables as well as providing cleaning, sanitation, gardening and pest control services to the public.

It added that the defendant on the other hand was engaged in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical and related products for sale to the public and was also its customer.

Nemchem International stated that between December, 2018, and May, 2019, NRB Pharma Zambia engaged it to provide cleaning, gardening and sanitation services at its premises located at the Multi-Facility Economic Zone at a monthly charge of K34,974.

It stated that NRB Pharma Zambia was to pay for the work done upon the presentation of a tax invoice.

Nemchem International added that it rendered its services and issued tax invoices to the defendant.

It, however, stated that the defendant only paid K4,619.47 to it on October 19, 2019, out of the total amount of K139,896.00, leaving a balance of K135,276.53.

Nemchem International stated that on April 20, 2020, it wrote a demand letter through its advocates to the defendant for payment of the balance of K139,896.00.

It added that the defendant in its response through an e-mail of June 5, 2020, admitted owing the balance of K139,896.00 and proposed to pay in monthly installments of K22,546.09 and collection charges with effect June 20, this year.

Nemchem International stated that it accepted the proposal via an e-mail of June 23, 2020, but the defendant had failed to honour its own debt repayment proposal.

It lamented that as a result, it had suffered loss and damage and that the defendant had no defence to the claims whatsoever.