FORMER Ministry of Health acting principal accountant Zukas Kaoma has submitted to the Lusaka High Court that the K2 million demand by KBF and Partners for legal fees came to him with a sense of shock as they did not agree on the said sum.

This is a matter in which Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube’s law firm KBF and Partners, has sued Kaoma for failing to pay K2 million legal services.

However, in his defence filed in the Lusaka High Court, Kaoma argued that the demand for K2 million came to him with a sense of shock.

He stated that this is because the parties did not agree on the said sum and the legal fees have never being quantified in the form of an invoice or fee note.

And Kaoma stated that at the time the law firm was engaged to render legal services in 2009, there was no agreement for the payment of K200,000 as legal fees.

He added that the law firm only demanded K200,000 in or about September 2018 and since there was no agreement as to the sum of legal fees payable, he rejected the said figure and counter proposed rates to KBF and Partners which proposal went unanswered.

In this matter, the law firm is demanding payment of K2 million for the legal services rendered to Kaoma from 2009 to 2018 with interest.

KBF and Partners had stated that Kaoma was acquitted of three out of the four charges that he was facing.

They further stated that according to an agreement dated November 14, 2018, Kaoma’s debt stood at K2 million and based on the said agreement, the law firm wrote a demand letter on July 29, 2020 and was given seven days to respond but to no avail.