A 32-YEAR-OLD man of Kanyama township as been convicted by the Lusaka High Court for causing the death of his two year-old daughter early this year.

Luckson Manda, who was charged with manslaughter, was angered when his daughter started crying continuously and he started beating the child to compel her to stop crying.

After beating her, the convict negligently lifted her from where she was but the child fell down, hitting her head on the ground.

High Court Judge William Mweemba convicted Manda after he pleaded guilty to the charge.

In mitigation, Manda through his lawyer from Legal Aid, Jonas Matende said he was very remorseful for having caused the death of his daughter.

He lamented that it was a burden he will have to carry the rest of his life especially that the deceased was his only child.

Manda said since his arrest on July 13, 2020, he had come to a realisation that prison was not a good place.

He vowed to walk a straight path before the law, adding that he has since started going to church to help him manage his temper.

Facts in this matter are that on July 10, this year around 12:00 hours, Manda was at home with his two year old daughter Gift when she started crying continuously.

This angered Manda and he started beating the child to stop her crying.

But after beating the child, Manda negligently lifted her from where she was and she fell down hitting her head on the ground.

She started bleeding from the noise and mouth and was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

A postmortem was conducted and the cause of death was brain haemorrhage due to fatal blunt force head injury.

Judge Mweemba adjourned the matter to December 14, this year, for sentencing.