A FORMER classmate of a Kabulonga Secondary School pupil who was killed last year, has testified that he was punched by one of the four pupils of Twin Palm Secondary School who are charged with murder, during a fight between pupils from the two schools.

He further testified that he saw the deceased bleeding and struggling to walk on that day, which was the last time he saw him before he heard the next day that he had died.

In this matter, four teenagers who are believed to be pupils of Twin Palm Secondary School and aged between 16 and 19, are charged with one count of murder but pleaded not guilty.

Three of the accused persons are juveniles while one, Elvis Nsokolo, is 19-years-old.

It is alleged that the four on December 4, 2020 in Lusaka, jointly and whilst acting together, killed Ryan Phiri.

When the matter came up for continued trial before High Court judge Sharon Newa, Wednesday, Phiri’s former classmate, aged 18, testified that on the material day, he was with four other classmates on their way home when they met other classmates who where looking for their friend, Tobias.

He said since they knew where he was, they decided to take them to Malata compound.

The 18-year-old said in Malata compound, they met with other classmates who included; Tobias and the deceased Ryan.

The witness said after sometime, they saw three Kabulonga Boys Secondary School pupils who were soiled in mud running towards them.

He said the three told them that Twin Palm pupils were beating any Kabulonga Boys pupil.

The 18-year-old said they too decided to run for their safety.

He however, said when they saw Twin Palm pupils coming their way, their classmate Benson, ran towards them.

He added that they also decided to run after him (Benson) as the Twin Palm pupils were many.

“We asked them why they were beating Kabulonga pupils but they did not respond. Then one of them punched me and I fell to the ground. I wanted to retaliate but other pupils came and I ran away,” he narrated.

He said he was later informed that the person who punched him was the Twin Palm school head boy, Elvis.

The 18-year-old pointed at one of the accused persons, Elvis Nsokolo when he was asked if the same Elvis was in Court.

As he further, continued with his testimony, the witness said he later saw the deceased, Ryan bleeding near the ear and was even struggling to walk.

“As they where chasing us, one of our classmates remained behind. I went back for him but Twin Palm boys surrounded me and hit me with stones and sticks so I ran away as my hand was bleeding. I ran towards Kabulonga Primary at a place known as the Vet where I tried to wash off the blood. As I was washing the blood off at the tap, I saw Ryan, he was bleeding from the head, just near the ear. He was even struggling to walk,” said the witness.

“Before I could even talk to him, Twin Palm boys came and all of us ran away. And that was the last time I saw him. The next day I just heard that he had died.”

Meanwhile, a Twin Palm Secondary School teacher Lewis Lupando identified the four accused persons as former pupils at the school.

Trial continues today.