FORMER Post Newspaper liquidation manager Robert Chabinga and Eneless Chabinga have been sued in the Lusaka High Court over failure to pay rentals amounting to US$10, 800.

The landlord, Eunice Luambia, is also claiming K37,800 being the cost of repairs to the property known as House No. 1, Off Twin Palm Road, Ibex Hill, Lusaka.

According to the affidavit in support of originating notice of motion sworn in the Lusaka High Court, Luambia stated that in 2019, she entered into a Tenancy Agreement to let partly furnished residential accommodation with Robert Chabinga and Eneless Chabinga.

“That in the said Tenancy Agreement was at the rate of US$ 1, 500.00 per month and payable three months in advance as provided in the Tenancy Agreement. The respondents (Robert and Eneless) have since accrued a total sum of US$9,000, together with US$1,800 being 20 percent penalty for rent owing and K37, 800 owing to the applicant (Luambia),” the affidavit read.

She stated that the Chabinga’s had become elusive in the payment of rental arrears and had not shown interest or commitment in settling the said arrears.

“That this is an abrogation of the Tenancy Agreement thereby depriving the applicant of income intended to meet other pressing obligations. The applicant has made numerous follow-ups with the respondents for payment of the debt due and owing but all efforts have yielded no positive results. That to date, the respondents have refused, failed and/or neglected to pay the amount owed to the applicant and as such the respondent is currently indebted in the sum of US$10, 800 and K37, 800,” read the affidavit.

Luambia added that she had made numerous requests and reminders with her advocates for the Chabinga’s to amortize the debt but that they have refused, neglected and/or lamentably failed to honour their obligations arising under the Tenancy Agreement.

In 2019, Chabinga had been dragged to court in a similar fashion by his landlady for failing to pay rental arrears amounting to US$14,976.

Aretha Muzondiwa, who is the landlady of property number plot 277, Chainama, Lusaka, sued Chabinga in the Lusaka High Court, seeking an order of eviction from the property.

She stated that Chabinga would pay a monthly rental of US$1,600 but he opted to pay every three months which came to US$4,800 for the first year of occupation.

Muzondiwa stated that the rentals were increased by four percent to US$1,664 which he paid quarterly in the sum of US$4,992.

She said the tenancy agreement indicated that Chabinga would pay monthly rentals and other amenities which he agreed to settle.

Muzondiwa contended that Chabinga had breached the tenancy agreement by failing to pay rentals on time on several occasions for the past nine months and the rentals due had accumulated to US$14,976, resulting in the termination of tenancy agreement.