KALANDANYA Music Promotions (KMP) proprietor Bwalya Kalandanya has sued PF acting secretary general Nickson Chilangwa for failure to pay fees for music services rendered to the party during last year’s general election campaigns.

Kalandanya is demanding K13.5 million from PF with interest.

In a statement of claim, the money Kalandanya is demanding is for production, promotion, development of campaign songs and political adverts which PF would use during the campaign period to promote its agenda.

He stated that on June 12, 2021, the parties entered into a written agreement for the provision of music production services and facilities not limited to recording, studio hiring, mastering, marketing, promoting and remixing of campaign songs.

“The agreement in question officially ran between June 12 and August 10, 2021 which was during the official 2021 General Elections campaign period as prescribed by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ),” he said.

“It was an implied term of the parties’ agreement that full payment would be made by the defendant to the Plaintiff during the term of the agreement or immediately after the determination of the agreement. Alternatively, it was an implied term of the agreement that full payment would be made within a reasonable time (for example, within a month) after the conclusion of the agreement on August 10,2021.”

He said that the PF had not paid anything towards the agreement sum which remained outstanding to date.

Kalandanya further complained that on September 3 last year, he wrote a demand letter to the party’s lawyers requesting payment but that there was no positive response.

“The plaintiff through both informal and formal follow ups requested the defendant to honour its contractual obligations under the subject agreement to pay the sum of K13,500,000 but to no avail as the Defendant has to date failed, neglected and/or refused to settle the said sum without any legal justification,” said Kalandanya.

He stated that he had suffered loss, damage and inconvenience due to the PF’s breach of the agreement as himself and his business had been deprived of the benefit and use of the money and profits due to him under the agreement.