A LUSAKA man who absconded court on the pretext that he was dead has finally showed up in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court.

Emmanuel Belama is charged with unlawful possession of prescribed trophies.

Belama, unemployed, of Freedom Township, is jointly charged with three others.

When the case came up before Lusaka resident magistrate Felix Kaoma in February this year, Belama was not in court and one of the accused’s sureties informed the court that he was not present because he had died while in Katete in January 2022.

Raymond Hakaloba said Belama’s two female relatives had given him the accused’s death certificate, which he then presented before court.

Magistrate Kaoma adjourned the case for return of bench warrant against Belama.

But when the case resumed in February this year for return of bench warrant, public prosecutor Aaron Tuntuluka said the accused was arrested in Katete and that he was before court.

Tuntuluka also informed the court that the accused’s death certificate was forged.

Magistrate Kaoma then asked Belama to show cause why his bond should not be cancelled.

But in response Belama said he was just sent by an officer from the Department of National Parks and WildLife to make the fake document.

Magistrate Kaoma cancelled Belama’s police bond and discharged his sureties.

The court also heard that the two women who gave the forged death certificate to Hakaloba would be charged with uttering a false document.

Belama asked if the court could grant him bail but Magistrate Kaoma declined the request on account of his past conduct.

The matter comes up on April 11, 2022.