MMD president Nevers Mumba says he regrets that on many occasions, The Post has warned him that his enemies were plotting against him and he never listened.

NEVERS Mumba: “Today I have to apologise to The Post newspaper because before Rupiah Banda came back on the scene, they kept telling me that, ‘Nevers, watch that man, he is coming for you, he is coming to take over’. I said ‘No he can never come for me, there is morality in this thing’. The Post said ‘Nevers, we have done our best but when he comes, we will not be there to help you because we have warned you’. So When Rupiah came to take over, it was just embarrassing for me to go to The Post and say ‘Brothers help me with this,’ because they had already warned me.

The other day they warned me that ‘Your candidate in Solwezi West has been bought and will withdraw on nomination day,’ but I said ‘No our candidate has enough morals to resist that’. And so I can only apologise to The Post that I did not listen.”

It seems Nevers still has some ambassadorial skills remaining in him, because this story he is trying to share is not as diplomatic as he is putting it. Let me explain.

When he was warned about Rupiah, his actual response was: “Mr Banda made it clear that he retired from politics. He is now a respected and retired godfather of the party whom we consult everyday and there is no such plans of him taking over MMD.”

In case you didn’t know Nevers, in Indonesia Rupiah means money. And in the same country Banda means an Island. I don’t know about you Nevers, but to me, Rupiah + Banda = Cash Island x serious business. You should have listened.

Again when you were informed that Malishinyi had joined PF last week, your response was: “Our candidate is a very loyal member of MMD and can never be bought.” Ati, “This is a walk over by-election for us, we are now ready to fight the PF punch for punch and our first punch at them is Malishinyi”

Phwahahahaha!! I am sure that is the kind of uppercut Anthony Mwamba and his Ester Phiri describe as ‘gologigo punch’, because it first hits you on your own chin before providing a safe landing for your opponents strike. LOL!

But anyway, there is no need to despair Nevers, you are not the only strange human being who disregards good advice.

For example, you know that state intelligence agent who doubles as board chairman for Indeni called Mr Johnstone Chikwanda? He was warned too before he got his own gologigo punch.

The first day that ba Chikwanda made contact with this provocative political reporter called Funga to entice her to disclose her sources of information, he was called by the newspaper moments after and told to stop interfering with her work. We told him that, “We love the articles you write in your column about jumpstarting cars, fuel consumption, driving tips and what not, but stay away from the Indeni mess unless you caused it”. His confession pastor, if he has one, can confirm this true story from him – I think you owe us the Nevers apology Johnstone, don’t just sit there and smile like you have won a lottery.

As for you Nevers, it’s good that you have decided to listen to The Post more often, starting now. We will never let you down.
As a matter of fact, here is the next warning: You will lose the 2016 general elections, don’t stand, don’t waste your money, and don’t say we never warned you.

That’s it for today.