Archives for 1 November 2016

  • Fat fatter fattest

    I DON’T think short people are naturally funny, but Dr Phiri wouldn’t have been this interesting if he was an inch taller.

  • Heads will roll

    THIS was the biggest damn rally my President has ever organised; attended by thousands and followed by millions on television.

  • Bush party

    SOMEONE should tell me when the People’s Party president finally announces which candidate he will vote for next year, maybe then I will be willing....

  • Handsome nipatumba

    MOSHO! Analume ngao ngao. I think Mr George Chisanga, you must consider building a statue for serious lawyers like this genius at the LAZ secretariat.

  • Edgar’s theft

    MAGISTRATE Kunda Tantameni, please tell me just one thing and I won’t share it with anybody; why did you go ahead to convict Tebby Chilekwa....

  • Gologigo punch

    MMD president Nevers Mumba says he regrets that on many occasions, The Post has warned him that his enemies were plotting against him and he....

  • Geoffrey Mwalya Bwamba

    I WOULD have said ZNBC has gone to the dogs, but last time I used that expression, my neighbour's dog almost circumcised me in protest.

  • Breastfeeding the nation

    OH no, my president, this is going to cause us a huge problem and we better get our first lady out of the bush quickly....


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