MOSHO! Analume ngao ngao. I think Mr George Chisanga, you must consider building a statue for serious lawyers like this genius at the LAZ secretariat.

I don’t understand why everybody is pointing accusing fingers on this guy; Mosho this Mosho that, Shoprite this Zesco that… Fellas we came to the city to make money and money got to be made, one way or another!

Look, ndiye ma lawyer aya; striking where there is real honey so that even as the bees bite, when the juice is out the sweet stays.

Not ba Likando Kalaluka, busy wasting time with Mohan in prison. What can you get from a murder convict that you couldn’t get when he was a free man?

Boss, you are the Attorney General now, if you want to strike a deal, strike hard and at least make a name – good or bad. Don’t just allow chaps to squeeze you in a corner and make you lie stupidly. And why did you even lie anyway, knowing too well that you don’t have the Patriotic teeth for lying?

Say yes, I met Mohan in Kabwe because he paid me a lot of money before I failed to secure his freedom in court, and now I want to try again since I have the President’s phone number. If you can’t say that, Mr Likando, then shut up because you are not good at lying.

The reporter asked you a simple question: “State Counsel, you visited Mathew Mohan at Mukobeko Prison in Kabwe on December 1, what was the purpose of your visit and what was discussed.”

Not even a ZIALE failure can fail to respond to that one, so how did you arrive at that silly answer of, “Which one?”

Which what? Which December or which Kabwe? And how many Kabwes are there?

That’s why I am saying ifintu ni Mosho. This hardworking lawyer tells Zesco, ‘I can transform your company into a PF wing if you make me your boss so that I find money for my pocket and for you’.

You can vilify him if you want but the guy is an honest genius. He knows that to get $17 million in the pocket from an electricity tender, he needs to be both the supplier and purchaser and that can only be done if you are the Zesco boss, therefore, he wants the job.

So how is that corruption? Okay, it’s corruption yes, but have you caught him? Fine, you have caught him but who doesn’t want $17 million?

Mwandi Mosho boi, handsome nipatumba; and by the way, I have a sister and we don’t mind…

That’s it for today.

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