I THINK the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions and the President should stop calling each other stupid, even though they may both be right.

I appreciate that my President is calling the ZCTU people “ukutumpa” because instead of negotiating with the investors to stop retrenching miners, they are busy decampaigning the PF.

But ZCTU is a very credible institution and there is no way they can choose to blame government for the chaos in the mines without any proper reasons.

Manson M’TAMBO: “Although the President is trying to condemn us, there is nothing that the union can do to negotiate. We don’t know what they discuss when they bring in these investors. We don’t know what agreement the investors enter into with government. We just see the Chinese opening up a company…then we hear that they are employing this number; terms and conditions are not known by us. So it is difficult to bargain with these investors now.”

Well, I am sorry to say, but Mr Manson is spot on. Right now, my choncholi brothers at China Copper Mine are super angry because the PF Jerabos, using government influence, are saying give us the mine Tikumbe. But when they kumba all the copper and decide to close the mine, Mr Fackwell Shamenda will start looking for ZCTU to negotiate – because there is no law that stops investors from leaving this country.

So, tough luck Mr Fackwell, because in Zambia, it is 100 times easier to dissolve a mining company that involves 10, 000 people, than it is for the High Court to dissolve a marriage that involves two people.

Therefore, if there is anyone to call stupid here, it’s the law, and technically the people behind it.

But the only question I have for Mr Manson is, since ZCTU doesn’t want to get involved in retrenchment negotiations, what work is he going to be doing now? Escorting Mr Cosmas Mukuka to court for his sexual harassment case?

Actually, that’s not a bad idea, because when madam Yevuka reported the ZCTU secretary general to police, she didn’t look like someone who can easily withdraw a big charge. Wink!

Beatrice Mwila Yevuka

Beatrice YEVUKA: “I don’t want to say much; all I can say is that I have opened a docket for him.”

I am guessing she didn’t want to say much because the police had already told us what we needed to know.

Charity KATANGA: “ZCTU secretary general Cosmas Mukuka has been sexually harassing Beatrice Mwila Yevuka aged 51… Last time, they had an encounter where he inserted his fingers into her private parts.”

Eeeeish! This doesn’t sound like an easy case, Mr Cosmas; you really need all the solidarity you can get from ZCTU when you appear in court.

But remember, ZCTU is a credible institution, you guys don’t do anything without a proper reason, so if there is any element of truth in this fictitious accusation, here is what I suggest you tell the court:

My Lord, a docket is not the only thing that madam Yevuka has opened recently, and since Facebook removed the poking feature, I thought I was free to poke physically. LOL.

That’s it for today