SHALL we just say God made man; man made money, money made man mad, and one such mad man is Goodwell.

Good morning Goodwell; for Transparency sake, I will ignore your surname to make sure that we don’t get things mixed up.

You can imagine if I said Lungu is a mad man, it would be like judging my own President right? Because my President is not mad yet, although he does speak like he is mad sometimes. And even if he was mad, I don’t think I would easily say so, because I am not really sure about his temper.

So if you don’t mind to be called Goodwell, that’s Well & Good for me.

Anyway people, Goodwell is very mad right now and he has not hidden it. He is so mad with the prison authorities because commissioner Percy Chato has released Austin Liato.

What makes Goodwell even more mad is the fear that these criminals being pardoned by the executive will soon takeover government.

But what Goodwell doesn’t know is that he is now making Lungu, my President, really mad by accusing him of being behind Liato’s pardon.

Lungu wants more money in your pocket Goodwell, or in Chato’s purse, but certainly not in that grave that Liato dug. So he had nothing to do with this particular pardon.

It is Chato’s own doing to say weak prisoners can’t survive in captivity, and I agree with him anyway.

You may ask me; “What about George Mpombo?”
I will tell you what, have you heard George Mpombo’s romantic voice? Is that a voice that could have survived in prison? That is why Mpombo keeps such a long scruffy beard to identify himself as male…

Anyway Goodwell, the point is that political prisoners don’t need to stay too long in detention. Nobody is happy that Nelson Mandela took such a long walk to freedom.

Unlike the Boers, Guy Scott understood that a young politician like Steven Masumba could be our own Nelson Mandela, so he made sure that the young man takes the shortest possible walk to freedom.

That is why Speaker Matibini has allowed Masumba to remain in parliament today despite the fact that the convicted MP was merely commuted and not pardoned.

However, I understand Goodwell, that you are particularly mad about the release of Liato because you think he probably hasn’t repented, but sometimes you have to read between the lines.

For example, have you met Liato’s wife before Goodwell? Take a very good look at this picture and tell me, if Chato kept Liato in prison, whom would you be punishing here?

That’s it for today