SORRY, grandma Inonge Wina, I am sure it feels very awkward that everyone is accusing you of ordering an illegal decree on the Copperbelt, and only you, can’t understand how they came to that conclusion.

Well, I think they must have used a dictionary, and if you did the same, you wouldn’t be arguing.

But I understand your situation because I know it’s impossible to find the meaning of the word you are looking for in the dictionary if you can’t spell it.

I also know how annoying it feels whenever Wynter Kabimba is right, but give it to the short guy, he got it again – you did issue an illegal decree, grandma, and arguing with him only proves your IQ.

I say so because Wynter’s IQ is very admirable, and that’s why he will keep punching holes into your political statements when you least expect it.

There is only one problem though; I think we need to fix comrade Wynter’s Q.

Comrade Wynter, I am sure you really like to keep this short, but Q is just too gangster for a wife’s name and worse for a first lady (to be).

It surely will cause you some problems when you become president next year.

Golden Mukelebai will be reading the news on Dead-end BC: ‘President comrade Wynter Kabimba has arrived in Havana for bilateral talks with his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro. The president is accompanied by first lady, Q and other senior government officials.”

And the following day on Let The People Talk programme: ‘Mr moderator, this is Proud calling you from Garden compound. We cany noty allow this presidenty to be traveling olo over the worldy wasting government maney with one radio stationy. Everywhere he goes we hear the presidenty is with Q, today Q, tomorrow Q; why doesn’t he oloso carry Hot FM if he wantis to promote private radio stations?” LOL.

On a serious note, comrade Q, your husband is very determined to become president and you will do all of us a big favor if you got a real name, like Queen or something. Coz right now I wonder how you even write your signature with that one letter name.

Anyway, back to grandma Inonge’s IQ; I think it will be difficult to award this Wina because she keeps loosing and she is so inconsistent.

INONGE Wina: “Mr Speaker, you know very well that Copperbelt is experiencing a lot of problems so for a political party to take advantage of that situation cannot be allowed. Another reason why the rallies were stopped is to do with security concerns.”

INONGE Wina, seven days later: “Mr Speaker the media likes twisting words. The Vice-President cannot proclaim a decree. What I said is that any political party has the right to hold meetings, but if the situation is volatile, like at that time, no political party should go there.

Maybe I am just being mean; how old is this woman again?

That’s it for today