Zambia Boxing Federation vice-president Kennedy Mubita says the federation is lacking transparency and accountability in its operations.

In an interview today January 11, 2017, Mubita, who is contesting the presidency at the forthcoming elective annual general meeting, said he would restore the status of boxing in the country once elected as president.

Mubita noted that boxing standards had dwindled due to what he termed as ‘one man show’ management of the sport.

He added that would bring fresh and vibrant ideas that embraced collectiveness and consultation in decision making.

“I bring forth new consultative leadership that embraces all members unlike the handpicking that we are witnessing currently. I do not subscribe to leadership that is centered on one person and it is for this reason that the federation needs an overhaul in its leadership ranks,” Mubita said.

Mubita claimed that the corporate world was reluctant to sponsor boxing because officials were misapplying money meant for the development of the sport.

“We have heard of officials who solicit money from boxers so that they can be picked to represent the county, that is surely uncalled for because such boxers fail to perform because they are not picked on merit,” he said.

Mubita promised to ensure boxing was fully sponsored under his reign adding that Zambia had a lot of talented boxers that needed proper manage.