Zanaco yesterday banked two goals but without gaining any points over Nkana, as ba Kalampa responded with a 4-2 overdraft.

Zanaco Football coach Numba Mumamba attributed the loss to a few mistakes by goal keeper Toaster Nsabata that he described as perpectual.

The game saw the bankers lose 4-2 to Nkana at Sunset stadium yesterday, where Mumamba said the goal keeper made a few mistakes that could have been avoided, and is positive they will not be repeated in other games.

In an interview with Goal Diggers! Mumamba said the whole team was not hundred percent composed and fit as most players were coming from injuries.

“We had a disappointing result that cannot only be attributed to the goal keeper’s mistakes. Most of my players were not entirely fit as they were coming from injuries,” Mumamba said.

The coach also said he was very happy with the way his defennce played and that amends to a few mistakes made will be made during training.

Mumamba further said the game was generally an intense one but fortunate for the Kalampa boys who carried the day.

“We will not focus on finding faults but accept the result and see to it that we collect maximum points in the next game,” he said.

Coach Mumamba also expressed sadness that his side is still struggling with injuries. He said his training sessions will be characterized with teaching tactics and babysitting players whose injuries have not completely healed. “Some of the injured players are the ones that can help us win but cannot be used for a long time since I want them to be fully fit, ” bemoaned the coach.

He has since urged his players to remain focused and play to collect maximum points in every game to be played. The Kalampa boys are now a point above Zanaco with 45 points.