Jomo Cosmos’ former Zambia international Clifford Mulenga has described the salary situation at ‘Ezenkosi’ as extremely disheartening, saying players have not received their salaries for some time now.

According to Mulenga and the South African football players’ union, players at the National First Division side have not received salaries for two months now and those received came in form of allowances or were shared between players.

Speaking to in an interview, Mulenga offloaded all.

“Since last season we were told that the club was experiencing some financial issues and that some of the club’s accounts were closed. At some point we were given cheques where we could share whatever amount that came out of it. In November we were short paid and in December we were given letters that indicated our salaries would be taxed and that those that have a problem would speak to the club lawyer. Our contracts are being disrespected and breached but it does not seem to bother our boss,” Mulenga said.

“We are struggling to pay home bills or find transport money to go for training. When we talk to the boss, he says do not bother to go for training and this is happening in a club with ambitions of going in the PSL. The boss when talked to does not seem serious but chooses to act arrogant about the situation. He acts as if he is only doing us a favour yet we signed contracts. In worse situations we are told we would be paid when he sells some players to other clubs,” explained Mulenga. “I’m owed six months of my salary and when people like me speak out; I’m accused of being a troublemaker and a drunkard. If he wants me out of the club, he should give me my money and clearance because it is impossible to be professional when one is hungry.”

The former Zambian international joined Jomo Cosmos in June, 2017 and wears jersey number 29. He boasts of having won the Young African Footballer of the year award in 2008.