Zambia Football Coaches Association (ZAFCA) chairperson Daniel Kabwe says the revelation by FAZ president that the association would employ a coach in a months’ time, is a relief to anxious Zambians.

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga revealed yesterday that the association would employ a new coach in a months time.

Kabwe told Goal Diggers in an interview that the revelation is good news and a relief to Zambians who did not know when a new head coach would be in place.

He said Zambia cannot be without a coach for long time because it’s a serious footballing nation adding that other future engagements required that the country employs a coach.

“It can be a local coach, it can be an expatriate from abroad. We don’t have the facts. FAZ are the employers. It’s not the first time they are employing a coach. They have done it before. They know what they are looking for so for us it is good news. Because the country cannot stay without a coach for too long. We don’t know maybe they will confirm Numba and Aggrey. So, it’s good news, lets have a coach in place. Maybe they can look at the caretaker coaches, they have won the game 4-1. They are doing very well. I’m not recommending that FAZ employs the caretaker coaches all I’m saying is it’s good that they have announce that they will employ a coach. We are starting qualifying games very soon. We cannot stay without a coach for a longer period. I’m not an employer so I cannot comment. Our country is limited. So, let FAZ do their homework because we cannot employ [Jose] Mourinho because we are limited as Zambia,” he said.