Retired Football administrator Simataa Simataa has described FAZ president Andrew Kamanga’s intention to stand for the CAF executive position as a selfish and stinking decision which he said should be rescinded.

Kamanga announced that he would stand for the position just days after former FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya said he would recontest.

In an interview with Goal Diggers Simataa said Kamanga should instead rally behind current CAF executive member Kalusha Bwalya to give the country a better chance of retaining the position.
He also said Kamanga should give the country reason explaining why he thinks Kalusha is not the right Candidate.

“Firstly, Kamanga has a right to stand for the position just like everybody else. Unfortunately, in this cause, a right is not necessarily expedient. It does mean that when you have a right you overlook all other things and exercise it because we have an opportunity as a country to be represented at the CAF executive. Why would we want to fight over it? Why can’t he be patient? It is him who is supposed to support Kalusha in my view. When his moment comes, he will be supported. Now he makes it look like we have to compete for the position and not with candidates from other countries, but amongst ourselves. And for me it reminds me why there are not so many Zambians in international organisations. It’s because of this kind of attitude. So I find it a shame unless off course say Kalusha accepts that he is not wishing to be re-elected,” he said.

“In other words, Kamanga shouldn’t even think of standing as long as Kalusha is. So, what makes this stink, what makes it have a bad smell is the fact that he has even alluded to the fact that the executive did not have met to consider his reference. But if I remember correctly, the last time Kalusha tried to stand, the executive met and I think first Kalusha was denied a letter, and it took external intervention for that to happen and the executive met and gave him a letter. Why have they become irrelevant now, suddenly? He is the same person who came through the platform of transparency, what is that if a decision like this one can be made and the executive only learn about it in the newspapers. In my view, that is what is making his intention not right. Secondly, Kalusha I think made it public that he will be standing only a couple of days ago before him. That he has intentions to stand for re-election, why not rally behind him. If he thinks he should be the one to stand on that position and not Kalusha let him give reasons. Give the public reasons in terms of why.”

Simataa further said Kamanga’s decision to skip the executive’s affirmations in his application shows that he is a selfish individual adding that his decision is not good for the country.

“Tell us why Kalusha should not continue. Now most people do not seem to be aware, they are many politics at CAF. Right now Mr Kamanga is not in good books with his president (CAF president) and all you need to is draw back. Just recently we had Jordan trying to stand at CAF. And then Mr Amed put his weight behind an unkown candidate from Malawi. And Mr Kamanga was behind Jordan. I have great doubts that his president of CAF will support his candidature. And we stand to lose that seat. Why are we strengthening it. Please why? It’s an advantage for Zambia to have someone at that position and for a long time we have had no Zambian standing at that position. Its only in 2011 when Kalusha contested that we have had someone on the inside at CAF. Now look at the impression we are giving the continent.”

“Two candidates from the same country? No! Kamanga says there was no need for the executive to be engaged, he clearly shows the motive selfishness. On top of all this, I’m aware that for such a position you normally need government’s backing. Has he obtained it. Can government tell us that they have blessed Kamanga’s application to CAF. Because last time it was the government that intervened and said give Kalusha a reference, has he forgotten? Lastly, he claims that he has put in a letter of nomination to CAF, has the letter already arrived at CAF. Because CAF announced about this a couple of days ago, say three or four. So when did he put in his letter? Selfishness!”