A number of local super league stars have joined the self-quarantining campaign on Covid-19, encouraging fans to stay home in adherence to government’s directives.

Most notably, soccer power house Nkana is among the leading clubs that are sensitizing members of the public on how to avoid coming into contact with the virus.

In a recent video released by the club’s media team, Congolese footballer Idriss Mbombo is seen kicking a toilet paper, in what is the ‘Stay Home’ challenge that has since gone viral worldwide.

Mbombo concluded the challenge with the words “Stay Home”.

Another Nkana player, Richard Ocran, also took up the challenge, followed by Nkana FC president Everisto Kabila.

Many other super league sides, including Zesco, Green Eagles and Napsa, have taken leading roles in sensitizing fans on the dangers of the COVID-19.

Zambia has so far confirmed three COVID-19 cases.

The super league and many major sporting events have since been suspended indefinitely.

It is not known whether or not the league would conclude.