The Football Association of Zambia has clarified that plans to upgrade four stadia across the country are on hold as the association is yet to address the question of title to infrastructure.

In a statement, the association stated that FIFA requires the title to infrastructure in order to release funds for re-development of the facilities.

Without the approval of the titles, the plans by the local football association have since been put on hold.

“There is something excitedly going on in the background as regards infrastructural development in our game. The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has identified four stadia across the country for upgrading by FIFA under the agreed strategic objectives and projects with the global mother body. Stadia set to be upgraded by FIFA under the infrastructure development program are Kaole (Mansa), David Kaunda (Chipata), Independence (Solwezi) and Kasama Sports Stadium,” according to a statement issued by FAZ. “The glitch has been that member associations require title to the infrastructure that FIFA identifies to fund. The engagement has been quietly going in the background with the relevant provincial authorities while at the top of the process has been the office of the Attorney General to provide legal guidance.”

It stated that that part of the requirement was that the title could be given to the home club or FAZ as the situation may be deemed fit and trigger the process of development by FIFA.

“Previously, Maramba Stadium in Livingstone had been identified for grand renovations but the process of handing the title to Livingstone Pirates that is owned by the council to ensure access to FIFA resources dragged on with the offer expiring,” stated FAZ. “The spread of infrastructural projects across the country could ease the strain on the over-burdened stadia like National Heroes, Nkoloma, Sunset and Levy Mwanawasa Stadium but most importantly provide an opportunity for other regions beyond Lusaka and Copperbelt to host international matches.”