Copperbelt based musician Kaira Mulaza alias Macky 2 is nursing a brawl with opposition UPND supporters who are venting their frustrations on him for producing a satirical song, which re-enacts events that led to Hakainde Hichilema’s arrest for treason.

He told News Diggers! today that his job as an artiste is to express himself through music.

Entitled “Tilizoni”, the song is not anything spectacular for an award-winning artiste of Macky 2’s standard and it does sound like something the singer has already produced before, but it was enough to attract the UPND’s bitter attention.

Macky 2 portrays HH as a bootylicious, but destructive woman who was burning shops and causing riots in the country, adding that he invited trouble upon himself.

Take a listen:

After the song was released, the Zambianwatchdog reacted by publishing a photo of the singer’s alleged mistress, leading to a series of negative comments and hateful opinions against the Henry Cele (Shaka Zulu) lookalike.

Although it is not clear to what level of career jeopardy the song might have put the singer in, music consumers – fans and haters – took to Facebook to weigh in on the controversy.

Speaking to News Diggers! in an interview, Macky 2 regretted the misconception that his song had brought, but insisted that he was not referring to the UPND leader.

“There is a post which I have written which is on my official page. The post is self-explanatory and it doesn’t have a specific target. You know very well that I am not a reporter or a politician, I am an artiste and I make music so I think the best way of expressing myself is through music unlike writing articles or doing interviews trying to explain myself,” Macky 2 said.

“ I have written, everything I wanted to say has been said and that is a single point, so there is nothing I can say to add or subtract. What I had to say, I said in that actual statement.”

Below is Macky 2’s statement on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Macky 2 is not the only artiste who is cashing-in from the current political state of affairs in Zambia and the bitter rivalry between the ruling PF and UPND.

Living legend Shimasta used the opportunity to try and reclaim his narrowing space on the local rythms charts by releasing “Weumpako isa nkupeko – Tilizoni Part 2”. And you guest right, Shimasta’s song is also not as originally arranged as expected of him, and it somewhat sounds like a localised version of the hip-hop hit “Panda” by Desiigner.

Take a listen