Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) president Njoya Tembo has appealed for corporate bodies to help the association with more funding so that the Fundraising peace and unity concert for City Market inferno victims can be taken to the rest of the country.

In an interview with News Diggers! Tembo said the intention of the association in partnership with the pillars of peace was to educate the masses on the need to keep calm in a situation where property was lost as well as on the importance of being vigilant on public infrastructure.

“The intension is to go around the country but at the moment I think what we need is more to do with funding. So any corporate bodies ready, or any individuals ready can come on board. And if its working with the fundraising funds for the city market victims, we are yet to have a meeting with DMMU so that we can just integrate our efforts,” Tembo said.

“But for now what we just need is for all of us to have one direction and one step forth to make sure that City Market is built especially in the lives of the affected but for us, one thing we want to do is to educate the masses on the need to keep calm in a situation where property is lost. And also we want to educate the masses on the importance of being vigilant especially when it comes to keeping an eye over public infrastructure. Because we have all heard that eleven people have so far been picked up by police in connection with the burning of city market.”

Tembo said that the association would soon update the nation at a joint press briefing with the pillars of peace, on how much it had raised from its first peace and unity concert which was held at Woodlands stadium.

“We are trying to avail to the public on how much we raised during the Woodland stadium concert but that will be done when we make a joint statement with our partners who are the pillars of peace. So at the moment we are just putting our thoughts together. We will also be able to tell the public on the experience we had on previous concert at our joint briefing,” said Tembo.

“But the good thing is that musicians responded very very well. It was a situation where we wanted to lead by example that its possible to share one platform even if you have divergent views. That is why we had musicians that were perceived to have been affiliated to different political parties. We invited political parties but as usual I think some could just see things using political spectacles. So we are hoping that maybe going forward we can change the strategy where we can find a common ground.