In this tribute to arrested Congolese singer Mumba Yachi, Zambian dancehall star Petersen (Mukubesa Mundia) says the talented vocalist has contributed immensely towards uplifting music standards in the country.

Petersen who helped the “Lenshina” hit maker says Yachi is a peaceful artiste who had, through hard work, acquired respect from Zambian music fans.

The Immigration Department yesterday arrested Yachi for faking Zambian citizenship.

Below is Petersen’s tribute to the detained singer.

I love Mumba Yatchi, l love his personality, l love his music, l respect his huge contribution to this industry.

A human with good morals, behavior, a sober and conscious presence. Mumba Yatchi is contributing to this cooperate organizations forsaken industry. This industry that lucks government funding and political will.

We as artists collectively struggle and fight to create income and contribute to the economy of this nation, Mumba Yatchi is there with us. A brother and a fellow dreamer who as well believes that one day this industry will be flourishing. He’s also part of the Zambian music breakthrough fighters.

Mumba Yatchi is contributing positively to the nation and uplifting Zambia across boarders through his deep Zambian sound than a lot of Lebanese and Chinese nationals just selling broiler chickens and fake medicine in these compound markets.

Comesa market is full of Tanzanians and Congolese, Our ghettos are full of expensive Burundi and Rwandese shops. Mumba is a Zambian Music Rubi, a rare precious mineral in our sector.

How many Chipolopolo boys have we suspected and if well investigated we would discover things. We celebrated AFCON championship and it was nice. Does it have Mumba to win a Grammy for us to claim him. Charlie Musonda is NOT ZAMBIAN by preference but we claim him because he plays for Chelsea FC. Lol

Inga Operation Chavula at Mulungushi during elections. Ba maset, Ruth Mbandu murders and all should be our concern, not a purely good behaved person.

Mumba is real Zambian music, he’s a national heritage sound preserver and for once we can be proud and say Zambia has an Indigenous sound. Thanks to Sakala Brothers, James Sakala and Mumba Yatchi.

Everything shall be well with Mumba, whoever is behind this, will not be successful.

I Love Mumba, and nothing will change that.
Comrade Mukubesa Mundia (PETERSEN ZAGAZE).