Zambia’s representative at a cooking competition to be held in Dubai says youths can empower themselves by making use of their God-given talents.

Alina Karima, who is the first Zambian to showcase at the International Essence Festival this year said cooking is her passion.

“I want to show the world that youths have the ability to change and empower themselves by making use of God’s given talent,” Karima said at the launch of a health tip show in Lusaka.

The 20-year-old food entrepreneur also said women need to start empowering themselves economically and stop depending on men.

“As women, it is high time for us to start empowering ourselves and stop depending on others especially men. We can move mountains by making use of our God given talent. To me cooking is not my talent but a passion,” Karima said.

“We need to have confidence and believe in ourselves as women that we can make a difference. Let us stop degrading ourselves because we have the ability to change the world. We have the power to make a difference.”

Karima, who is also a food writer for Response Magazine and Sunday
Times of Zambia urged youths to come up with positive ideas which can benefit the county.

“We have a huge responsibility as youths. We need to take part in the development of this country. We can do it by positive thinking,” said Karina.

Zambia is among the 44 countries that will participate in this year’s food cooking competition in Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, DSTV Zambia operations manager Rachel Kalima urged women to believe in themselves.

“A real woman is one who believes in herself and be focused. A woman who can make a difference and become an entrepreneur by not depending on men. It is time for young women in the country to raise up and show that they have power to change the world through participating in developing this nation,” said Kalima.