We have not banned Zodwa Wabantu from coming to Zambia but there is no morality in her dancing without underwear, says National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili.

Refuting media reports that she had banned Zodwa from coming to Zambia in an interview yesterday, Rev Sumaili said the dancer’s host had not applied for a license from the National Arts Council.

“No, that is not what I said and I thought News Diggers will clarify that. What I said is that she has not been given permit because she has no license. The convener of the event has not even applied for her license. That is from National Arts Council, those are the people we asked to verify ‘is this person coming?’ then they said ‘awe we haven’t even seen an application’. We have not banned her. What we are saying is that we need a license from National Arts Council, they are the ones who issue that license. And they are saying the convener or the promoter has not even approached them for a license for that young lady,” Rev Sumaili said.

Asked if she had issues with Zodwa’s choice of attire, Rev Sumaili wondered what morality was there in dancing without underwear.

“What I can say is that you know we are a Christian nation and we are promoting values. Morality and ethics is one of the values that are in the constitution of the land. Is there any morality in somebody performing without underwear? And we are promoting human dignity. So as it is, they have not applied and all that. So she has to remember that we are a Christian nation and a nation that promotes values,” said Rev Sumaili.