A Livingstone resident of Kashitu Extension has asked the Local Court to dissolve his 15-year marriage, saying he has lost affection for his unfaithful wife after catching her cheating three times.

The woman however, told the court that she regrets her actions, saying she thought of having a boyfriend because her husband buys everything and does not give her money for upkeep.

This is a matter in which Peter Situmbeko sued Precious Malunga for legal divorce.

Situmbeko told the court that the two got married in August, 2004 and he was charged K1,800 as bride price, which he paid in full.

He said the couple had three children, the first being twins aged 15 and another child aged 12.

“I pray to this honourable court to grant me divorce because my wife is not faithful to me and has been promiscuous,” Situmbeko said.

He said problems in their marriage started in 2012 when his wife was employed at Chimukeni Guest House, in Livingstone.

Situmbeko said his wife started going home late and she would receive strange calls.

He told the court that he started observing his wife’s movements until he caught her in bed with another man at Inamuka Lodge.

Situmbeko said the man apologised to him saying his wife lied that she was single.

“Both families sat and I forgave her because of the love I had for her,” he said.

Situmbeko said in August 2015, he went to work outside town when his wife brought another man who spent a night with her on their matrimonial bed.

He added that he again caught her cheating on him in 2018.

“We sat as both families, again I forgave her. In 2018, I caught her again but we reconciled,” Situmbeko said.

He told the court that in December, last year, he was shocked when his wife got pregnant but later aborted the pregnancy without his consent.

Situmbeko said what surprised him was that he never had sex with her since September that year after some misunderstanding.

“Since then I have lost affection for her and I just to divorce,” he said.

But in response, Malunga denied the allegations saying her husband was responsible for her pregnancy.

She however, admitted being caught [cheating] twice but said, the third time she was innocent as there was nothing between her and the man.

Malunga said the man was just a friend who used to console her.

Asked by the court why she failed to cross examine her husband over the allegations, Malunga said she was scared of raising his temper.

She told the court that the problem was that her husband was the one buying everything and doesn’t give her money for upkeep.

She added that she hence thought of having a boyfriend.

Malunga, however, said she regretted her actions and further asked to be given a last chance.

And when Situmbeko was asked by the court if he could give his wife a last chance, he refused and pleaded with the court to grant him a divorce.

Passing judgement, senior Local Court magistrate Essau Daka who sat with senior Local Court magistrate Langson Matafwali, dissolved the marriage and gave Situmbeko custody of all their children.

The court further ordered the parties to share their matrimonial property equally.