betPawa customers already had the Pawa to bet small from K0.01 and win BIG. Now you can win HUGE with the new 500% win bonus.

Kizito from Chirundu used His Pawa to win K691,679.61 from a K170 bet. His initial K194,791.44 winnings were more than trebled by a 255% win bonus for betting on 33 legs.

He shared what such a life-changing win felt like…

I don’t use betting tip sites or look at favourites. I pick teams using my imagination about how the teams will perform on that day. All I wanted to do on this day was to take advantage of the huge win bonus if I won.

I did follow the games every step of the way. I had hope when I remained with about three games. I had won some time back about K30,000 and so I had a huge feeling that this was going to be another day for me.

I felt so happy. I was overjoyed. I am still happy. I just couldn’t believe it. The first people to be told were my office mates. I will invest it well.

I love the win bonus. I mean why wouldn’t any winner love it? It is massive. It is also very easy to use. You don’t need too many lessons to learn how to bet on the betPawa app.

Customer support is simply the best. They attend to you like you are family. Also, the payment methods are very good. And I think the best thing is when the money reflects on your account.

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