FORMER Mpongwe member of parliament Gabriel Namulambe has been arrested for assaulting two people.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga, confirmed the incident to ZANIS in Luanshya today, January 13, 2017. “In the first count, Mr Namulambe, aged 49, of Turbine Compound in Mpongwe, is alleged to have assaulted Mr Reagan Ondhlo, of Shaka Investment Farm at Candle Light Bar around 16 hours,” Katanga said.

“And in the second count, the former law maker is alleged to have assaulted Mr. Reagan Njovu also of Shaka Investment Farm in Mpongwe at Candle Light Bar around 19 hours on the same day.”

Katanga said it was alleged that the victims went to the bar to meet with newly elected Mpongwe UPND Member of Parliament Rasfold Bulaya who was in the company of Namulambe.

She narrated that that upon finishing business, Bulaya asked Namulambe if he had increased the hectarage to his field, a question which only vexed Namulambe.

“It was at this point that Mr. Namulambe angrily responded by saying he went to school in the 1980s and unlike Mr. Njovu who had not been to school, before descending on him with fists. Mr Njovu consquently sustained a swollen forehead before he reported the matter to Police. Mr. Namulambe who was held at luanshya central police has since been released on police bond and will appear in Court on Monday, 16th January, 2017,” said Katanga.