PEOPLE’S Party leader Mike Mulongoti says it is good that LAZ has kept away from commenting on President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility to re-contest because the institution would be attacked if they spoke against it.

And Mulongoti says Zesco must be privatized because it is currently a ruling party cash cow.

Last week, Patriotic Front Lusaka youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba said the Law Association of Zambia executive must resign for not giving guidance on the eligibility of President Lungu’s candidature in the 2021 general elections.

But speaking when he featured on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme today, Mulongoti commended the lawyers’ body for not commenting on the subject.

“People of Zambia have appointed a person in the Attorney General who is a government lawyer and guides the public. He speaks on behalf of government and the public on legal matters. Why should LAZ pander to the whims of a political party or the wishes of an individual? This is a subject that has come too early I do not think LAZ should make a statement based on the whims of a political party. The President is just another citizen with ambitions like anybody else. What will happen if LAZ says that he is not eligible? Heavens will come down and they will take arrows and spears to attack LAZ,” Mulongoti said.

“Stop forcing LAZ to divide the country. Why is it one political party that is pushing LAZ to make a statement? Didn’t their President tell them to go the Constitutional Court?”

Mulongoti advised President Lungu to focus on critical governance issues instead of preoccupying his thoughts with a third term, which he did not qualify for.

“Look, I have said it before that President Lungu does not qualify to stand in 2021 and I gave my own reasons. I want to advise PF to also stop pushing LAZ to comment on this very irrelevant topic to Zambians. President Lungu is just wasting time. Let him focus on improving economy and fighting corruption going on in the country. He should instead tell Zambians how he is going to better their lives which he promised during campaigns. Look at how farmers are crying because they cannot receive the inputs on time. We have land, fuel and maize scandals which needs his attention,” he said.

And Mulongoti said Zesco should be privatized because it was a cash cow for ruling parties.

“I think Zesco has become a cash cow. Huge amount of money is going into people’s pockets. There are a lot of ghost suppliers going on there. Money is being channeled campaigns and buying vehicles for political party in power,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mulongoti has advised PF government to revisit taxation policy.

“There are so many taxes, duty on fuel, to tell you that’s one component. But you are paying all kinds of taxation. This is a government which promised to reduce on these taxes and provide more money in people’s pockets. Look around and you will see everything has gone up why? They must revisit their policy on taxation,” said Mulongoti.