BODIES of two ladies believed to have been murdered by the same person have been discovered on some farms in Chilanga with deep cuts.

According to a statement issued by police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo today, the duo was killed on the same day.

“Chilanga police received a report of a missing person involving a female aged 22 identified as Ann Musonda, student teacher at Makeni Islamic college of education who was reported missing on Friday 17 February, 2017 after knocking off and was found dead yesterday, 22nd February, 2017 at 10 50 hours between Mulikita farms and Lafarge quarry road by a passerby of Freedom compound. The body which was found few meters from her residence was found with deep cuts in the head and injuries on both hands,” Katongo stated.

“There was also another report of a missing person at Chilanga Police on the same Friday 17th February, 2017 involving female Cecilia Mulekwa aged 16, a grade eleven pupil at City of Hope in Bonaventure, Makeni who was last seen on Friday around 1600 hours along Chilanga quarry road. She was also found dead today 23rd February 2017 in the same area where the body of the first victim, Ann Musonda was found. The body was also found with deep cuts. The two victims are believed to have been murdered by the same person and the murderer dumped their bodies in maize fields near their respective residences.”

Katongo advised people to avoid moving alone at night.

“We therefore urge members of the public through out Lusaka to avoid moving unaccompanied in lone areas as this perpetrator is still on the loose and all efforts are being made by police to have the perpetrator arrested. All officers in charge of police stations are being called upon to intensify their operations and be on a look out for this criminal,” stated Katongo.