The ministries of Home Affairs and Defence have instituted a joint investigation into the death of a ZAF officer who was beaten to death at Woodlands Police Station.

Defence Minister Davies Chama told a media briefing today that Sergeant Nchimunya Choongwe’s death was a matter of public interest as it affected everyone hence, government’s determination to have the culprits punished.

“The Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Home Affairs would like to assure the family and the public that we will get to the bottom of this through this joint investigation in an effort to find out the facts that led to the death of this gallant officer. Since this matter is in the interest of government as well as the public, we will see to it that information is also availed to the family and to the public at
large,” said Chama.

And Home Affairs minister Stephen Kampyngo said the investigation was meant to put to rest speculations surrounding the matter.

“There have been a number of statements and stories issued over this matter, so that is what has prompted us to do a joint investigation. This is exactly to put to rest all the speculations that are surrounding this incidence. So the status quo is that we want to go further and look at all the aspects relating to this case and so that supersedes anything that has been issued concerning this case,” Kampyongo said.

He said the investigation would not exempt anyone regardless of their status.

“I want to assure the nation that there will be no sacred cows in this case, no one will be shielded and no one will be protected for those who were involved in this matter and police will continue to deal with suspects just as they have done before and where isolated incidences such as the one we are dealing with happens, we make sure that we do the necessary investigations. So our assurance to the nation is that our holding cells across the country will continue to work as they have been working normally,” said Kampyongo.