Mwansabombwe PF member of parliament Rodgers Mwewa says it is unacceptable for UPND president Hakainde Hichilema to refer to Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini as a cadre.

Speaking when he rose on a point of order in Parliament yesterday, Mwewa sought Speaker Matibini’s ruling on whether or not the opposition leader was order to demean the character of such a respected man as the Speaker of the National Assembly.

“I rise on this urgent point of order which deems the status of this House as well as the Chair. Mr, Speaker, woke up this morning and I saw an article in the Mast Newspaper and the article clearly was saying as I quote ‘Matibini a cadre – HH’. Mr Speaker he went on to say in an interview according to this paper when you go to page three and I quote, I would like to read ‘Dr Patrick Matibini is a cadre and not fit to sit in Parliament as Speaker’ says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’. I will go ahead Mr Speaker ‘he is basically a disgrace to the people of Zambia because of the way he is managing Parliament. I will stop there Mr Speaker,” Mwewa told Parliament.

He said Hichilema had to be summoned to Parliament and punished because abusing the Speaker was unprecedented.

“The Patriotic Front government which is in power today has never insulted the Speaker, the MMD has never insulted the Speaker, FDD has never insulted the Speaker even UNIP has never insulted the Speaker and even our independent members of parliament have never done that. But today, the UPND, for their leader to say what he has said, he had to consult my fellow members of parliament who belong to the UPND and this Mr Speaker is unacceptable. In this country it’s unprecedented and he is supposed to be summoned Mr Speaker here, he should be punished. Mr speaker is he in order to disgrace this House, demean this House and its Chairman, the Speaker whom we respect so much Mr Speaker?” asked Mwewa.

But, Speaker Matibini reserved his ruling on the point of order saying he needed time to study the matter.

“My ruling, I will reserve it to enable me study what has been deposited on the table of the House,” said Speaker Matibini.