UPND cadres today harassed journalists who went to cover opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema’s press briefing after mistaking them for ZNBC reporters.

And Radio Phoenix reporter Silumesi Malumo claims he was beaten by the cadres and vowed never to cover the party’s events again.

Around 11:00 hours, a Millennium Radio reporter, Prisca Lumingu, was encircled by unruly UPND cadres at their secretariat in Lusaka’s Rhodespark area around.

Lumingu presented her identity card to prove she was not a ZNBC reporter but cadres ignored it and continued dragging her and pushing her around.

Lumingu was nearly beaten but senior UPND member Dante Saunders saved her after some other cadres reported what was happening outside.

And Radio Phoenix’s Silumesi Malumo claims he was beaten and he has vowed never to cover any UPND event.

“A cruel opposition UPND cadres beat me. UPND, I’ll never ever cover this cruel party,” Malumo posted on his Facebook page.