No aid package lasts forever, says United States Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz.

Speaking to journalists after handing over the Kalewa Garrison Hospital maternity, pharmacy and laboratory departments in Ndola yesterday, Ambassador Schultz said there might be budget cuts to the aid package in Zambia.

“No assistance programme lasts forever. The programme has been going on since 2004 as you heard me say. It’s been over three billion dollars. The programme this year is continuing, it is actually going up so our budget went up about $60 million from last year, it will be four or three million plus, so it is a lot of money. Our hope frankly is that the programme continues because we are close actually to getting epidemiological control in Zambia,” said Ambassador Schultz.

“And to do that we hope that the programme continues, now it is possible that there may be some cuts, I mean $400 million is a lot of money but if it is cut by 25%, that’s still a lot of money and we can still do a lot together with $300 million. I have no idea what the budget will be like for 2018, Congress will determine that ultimately.”

Zambia is one of the largest recipients of aid from the US; since 2004, PEPFAR has received over $4 billion.