Police have charged Hakainde Hichilema with treason on grounds that the opposition UPND leader did not give way to President Edgar Lungu’s motorcade in Mongu.

And Police destroyed property at HH’s house as they hunted him down last night.

According to UPND lawyer Jack Mwiimbu police have not yet officially charged HH but had detained him on treason charges before recording a warn and caution statement from him.

Mwiimbu explained that the charge was nonsensical and complained that the police were acting on orders from officials in the ruling party.

“The reason behind that charge is that Treason is non bailable. The charge is nonsensical and no sensible lawyer can come up with such a charge. There is no Treason that was committed along that Limulunga Road on that basis. That is just being nonsensical. And the unfortunate part is that the police are being unprofessional considering that it is the PF who have been proposing that HH must be charged with Treason,” said Mwiimbu.

Take a listen.

Meanwhile, police today blocked private media journalists from filming HH as he was led into detention in Lilayi.

But journalists from Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and Daily Nation were allowed to enter Lilayi police camp to film.