Nothing has gone wrong – Lungu

There is nothing that has gone wrong, police have a duty to arrest if anyone breaks the law, says President Edgar Lungu.

And President Lungu has insisted that he will not interfere in a case in which UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is facing charges of treason and obstruction, saying there are defined roles in governance systems.

Speaking upon arrival in Northern Province where he has gone for a three-day working visit, President Lungu said police had a duty to arrest anyone who broke the law.

“There is nothing that has gone wrong. I was asked at the airport ‘what do you think about what’s going on in the country Mr President?’ I said ‘the problem is that you want to speak as if something has gone wrong. Tapali ifilubene iyo. The police have a job to arrest if you are wrong and also protect property. If anyone transgresses or breaks the law, the police have a job,” President Lungu said .

And Speaking before departure at City Airport this morning, the Head of State insisted that he would not interfere in HH’s case.

“Let’s allow each other space to do that which we have been assigned in our calling. As the President, I know my job and these people also as law enforcement authority they know their job, even lawyers know their job. People calling upon me to intervene in the operations of the police, we don’t do that in a civilised state. The rule of law demands that the law is above all of us so those who are calling upon me to intervene or interfere in areas which are not under my control, I will not do so. Let us respect each other’s roles. There’s the Legislature, the Executive, the Judiciary, President, Police Inspector General, all of us have got roles. Why do they want me to have all the power which I don’t have? I don’t have power,” said President Lungu.

On Monday, heavily armed police raided HH’s house seeking to arrest him for failing to give way to the Head of State’s motorcade in Mongu.

The following day, HH was arrested and jointly charged with five others for treason, among other charges.

HH’s wife, Mutinta narrated to journalists how police destroyed property and used excessive force in their pursuit.


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There is no news regarding the HH’s arrest. The law is clear and straightforward. Even in developed “democracies” USA or UK, when the presidential/prime ministerial motorcade is in motion at any given time in history, it is at that particular time law, that all other road users hid/give way and should not obstruct its passage…
In the case of HH and his supporters, there is ample video evidence and not hearsays that they broke the law.
Let the law take its course!

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