In this video Hakainde Hichilema’s wife Mutinta narrates how police broke into his house, tortured one of the workers to show them where the opposition UPND leader was hiding before they smoked him out of a strong room.

Speaking to journalists at her New Kasama house, Mutinta said it was unfortunate that police officers went to arrest Hichilema at 22 hours when her husband was a law abiding citizen who always availed himself to police when demanded.

“What happened am telling you yesterday, they wanted to kill my husband. They wanted to kill and this war which they have started, i think this is like they are sitting on a volcano which is going tho erupt and it will be so difficult for them to contain,” Mutinta said.

She said Zambia was no longer a safe country and urged citizens to rise and fight for her husband.

“There is no Zambia anymore am telling you guys. you men, I think the women are more stronger than men. You have to come out and fight this brutal government. lets all come together and fight, otherwise, we have no country called Zambia and we will have no country called Zambia,” said Mutinta.