Patriotic Front media director Sunday Chanda says UPND allegations that the tear gas used on Hakainde Hichilema was laced with poison are politically fraudulent, dumb-founded and absurd.

Responding to UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma in a statement today, Sunday said no one in their right minds would investigate such bogus claims.

“In conclusion, therefore, we find Mr Kakoma’s allegations politically fraudulent, dumb-founded and absurd. It is indeed laughable that Charles Kakoma is trying to get the attention and sympathy of the International community with such pathetic lies. No one in their right mind would even waste time to investigate such a bogus ‘poisoning’ claim. Clearly the UPND have nothing else to talk about. We urge them to invest their energy to reflect on their wrong doings and seek forgiveness and not keep peddling falsehoods. Members of the public are therefore advised to ignore Mr. Kakoma’s hallucinations and wait for the due process of the law on Mr Hichilema’s matter,” Sunday stated.

He observed that HH was in perfect health; without any bruising or swelling on the day he was apprehended.

“Firstly, in their usual failed propaganda style, the UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma is now claiming that a poisonous chemical was used in the teargas at Mr. Hakainde Hichilema (HH) residence on April 10th 2017. We would like to remind members of the public that HH himself started this allegation as proven by text messages he kept sending to his pay masters and sympathisers while in hiding. Secondly, HH claimed that his face, eyes, lips and indeed his skin were swollen. This news went viral in the early hours of April 11th 2017, shortly before he was apprehended and taken into Police custody,” Sunday stated.

“Thirdly, to everyone’s amazement, HH was in perfect health without any bruises or swelling on any part of his body. His perfect health was further confirmed by his wife in a video recording where she categorically stated that her husband HH as she fondly calls him was in perfect health. Mrs Hakainde further narrated how she was the only one who was affected by the teargas and added that she fainted only because she is asthmatic and not that there was any poisonous chemical in the teargas.”

He also wondered why HH’s wife Mutinta and son were not affected by the ‘poison’.

“Fourthly, HH, his wife and son reportedly locked themselves up in a room during the raid and it is worth noting that the trio were subjected to the same teargas. Therefore, if at all there was indeed any poisonous chemical in that teargas it should have affected all three of them. It is strange that the poisoning spared the son and mother but only affected HH yet they were in the same room,” stated Sunday.