The National Restoration Party (NAREP) has launched an empowerment programme dubbed “Twenty Percent Generation Platform (TPG)” which is aimed at addressing the social crisis being faced by Zambians.

NAREP believes that the formation of the TPG platform will create the much needed jobs for Zambians, prosperity and enterprise in the country and also empower youths with life serving skills.

In a long, winding statement issued by the party secretariat in Lusaka, NAREP condemned the ongoing barbarism in the country stating that it had no capacity to improve the lives of many Zambians who suffered the consequences of political tension.

“Our nation is currently experiencing serious tension and simmering political turmoil. At the heart of the problem lies the twin evils of intolerance and pride; character traits that none of us can claim to be completely free of, if we are really to be honest with ourselves. All of this has resulted in unrest and a heavy-handed approach by law enforcement authorities. However, no amount of brutality can quell a rising tide of anger and resentment. And when a nation struggling to make ends meet, it feels that all hope is lost due to uncaring leadership enriching itself at the expense of the masses, the very stability of the state is called into question,” the statement read in part.

“To address the social crises we are facing as a nation and to ensure that every citizen has a chance to play a meaningful part in the process of national development, NAREP is calling for the establishment of a historic movement called the Twenty Percent Generation platform (TPG). Every Zambian has the right to an equal and fair opportunity to realise their potential. This platform will create skills, enterprise, jobs and prosperity for every Zambian.”

NAREP is confident that the TPG strategy would fill the gap between the rich and the poor and also address the needs of women and the youth who are usually considered a minority in society.

“We believe that unemployment, marginalization of our women and youth, and the lack of support for all vulnerable groups can be adequately addressed through such a platform. This vision includes all generations, young and old and all citizens, rural or urban based. The aim of TPG is to make every Zambian prosperous by creating an abundance of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses that will contribute to taxes and economic growth,” NAREP stated.

But one would wonder, how exactly would the TPG platform work for the benefit of Zambians?

NAREP explained that, “all public institutions and agencies will be required by law to set aside 20 per cent of public procurement contracts for the exclusive benefit of youth, women and vulnerable groups. This will include every type of purchase: fuel and chemicals; agricultural commodities (fruits vegetables, beans and mealie-meal); stationery supplies; uniform and clothing; vehicles; equipment; use of official accommodation; cleaning services; car hire will be procured for public institutions by ordinary Zambians.”

“There will be careful monitoring and supervision of the TPG scheme and to prevent political interference, selection and training of participants will be undertaken by established independent NGOs and civil society organisations. Participants will not be selected because they are eligible Zambian citizens and not on the basis of which political party they belong to,” NAREP stated.

And the party stated that once the TPG scheme is implemented, NAREP would play its part in spearheading promotional activities and soliciting support from various stakeholders including MPs, NGOs, educational practitioners, civil servants, private sector employees, faith-based organisations and communities leaders across the Nation.

Meanwhile, NAREP says there is no need for the country to be stuck on the treason charge against UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema at the expense of the entire national demands.

“In the midst of all this, our nation is convulsed in discussions around a treason trial. While there is no excuse for not upholding the law and respecting our national institutions, there can be no legal justification for the charge of treason leveled against the leader of the main Opposition party in Zambia for failing to abide by police directives to give way to a presidential motorcade. The fact that a charge of treason for what happened on the weekend of 8 April in Mongu, has been leveled at all confirms the sad reality that the ‘winner-takes-all’ syndrome in our politics has created a hotbed for entrenched division among our people while fundamental problems in our society continue to fester,” stated NAREP.

“While the treason drama plays itself out, we must not lose sight of the serious development challenges that face our struggling masses every single day. As part of efforts to address the social crises we are facing as a nation and to ensure that every citizen has a chance to play a meaningful part in the process of national development, NAREP is calling for the establishment the TPG because every Zambian, has the right to an equal and fair opportunity to realize their potential.”