Mutinta Hichilema’s lawyers say they are disgusted by the manner in which police are handling their client’s robbery case.

In a letter to Woodlands Police dated May 18 and titled ‘COMPLAINT ON THE ROBBERY AT MR HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’S RESIDENCE’, Muleza Mwiimbu and Company asked police to advise if they had instructions not to conduct an inspection at the house.

“Further in this matter, we wish to express our utmost disgust at the manner in which you have handled the matter above. You will recall that you were finally persuaded to get a statement from Mrs Hichilema on the 2nd day of May, 2017. Immediately after that, you informed the lawyers that accompanied her to the station that you would be going to Mr Hichilema’s residence the following day for inspection,” wrote Muleza Mwiimbu and Company.

“You have to date failed, refused and in any event neglected to conduct the said inspection despite making numerous promises to that effect. In the light of these circumstances, please do advise us if you have orders not to conduct this exercise. This will enable us make alternative arrangements to proceed with this matter.”

Mutinta raised a complaint that police destroyed some property and stole various items during their brutal raid at her house on April 10, 2017.