Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo says Prophet Shepard Bushiri has breached his investment code by attacking Reverend Godfridah Sumaili.

In a statement today, Lusambo said by publicly admonishing Rev Sumaili, Prophet Bushiri had attacked the Republic of Zambia and all its citizens, thereby breaching his investment code.

“As distasteful the attacks from Bushiri are, they have exposed him to the world as an ignorant, self-serving and egoistic man who has no regard for other country’s laws and regulations. The other important lesson I should draw Bushiri to is that in public administration or any other organised setting, there is what is called collective responsibility. Thus, by admonishing Rev. Sumaili publicly, Bushiri has elected to attack the Republic of Zambia and all its people. It therefore goes without saying that as an investor, Bushiri has breached the provisions of his investment code,” Lusambo stated.

He gave Prophet Bushiri a seven-day ultimatum to apologise to Rev Sumaili or he would recommend that his license be revoked.

“As Government, we will carry out a forensic audit on the operations of the emerald mine owned by Bushiri as part of measures to ensure that the interests of the Zambian people are safeguarded. I am hereby issuing a seven-day ultimatum for Bushiri to tender an apology to Rev. Sumaili, the Zambian people in general and the people of Lufwanyama in particular,” Lusambo warned.

“Failure by Bushiri to apology will attract sanctions which I will recommend to the Ministry of Mines including the possible revocation of his mining licence. As much as the Zambian Government is keen on promoting both local and foreign investment, the guiding principle still remains that the national interests should be the corner stone of any such engagements.”

He said Prophet Bushiri’s attacks were distasteful.

“From the onset, I should state that the remarks attributed to Bushiri directed at National Affairs and Religious Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili and some senior clergymen in Zambia are unfortunate. I find the attacks especially against Hon. Rev. Sumaili by Bushiri distasteful and lacking justification. I believe that Bushiri had no locus standi to attack Hon. Rev. Sumaili in the manner he did,” stated Lusambo.

“Bushiri should be made aware that the Reverend he has chosen to publicly rebuke is a high ranking government official in the administration of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and therefore deserves the highest form of respect. As His Excellency Lungu correctly pointed out, Zambia just like any other country reserves the express right to admit or turn down any visitor as deemed it by the immigration authorities.”