In this audio, United Party for National Development national chairperson Mutale Nalumango says the party will take part in tomorrow’s Africa Freedom Day festivities by ceasing the opportunity to hold peaceful protests against the violation of human rights.

But PF Lusaka Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba says the UPND want to cause anarchy.

In the audio, made available to News Diggers! by the UPND media team, Nalumango invites party members to come out in numbers and march for peace.

“Africa Freedom Day is the day that we remember as Africans as the day we gained freedom from our colonial masters. But now we are seeing that Zambia is going down the drain and we have to fight that. We cannot accept the misapplication of the public order act by people who feel they are above the law. As UPND, we have chosen to commemorate this day by having peaceful marches and protests,” said Nalumango.

Asked if she was not afraid of attacks from the ruling party, Nalumango said; “We have lived in fear for too long and it has now become normal.”

Take a listen:

But in a statement, Kamba accused the UPND of wanting to cause anarchy.

“There plan to participate in this year’s Africa Freedom Day Celebrations is aimed at causing confusion and as much as possible, they plan to embarrass His Excellency the President of Zambia Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. We are asking the Zambia Police and other Security agencies to be on high alert and ensure public peace is preserved and the rightful honour and dignity is accorded to our fallen African heroes,” said Kamba.

“They intend to play to the gallery, knowing too well that there is both international and local media in the country. It does not matter who the perpetrator is, but anyone or any grouping that disturbs or intends to disturb public peace should be dealt with by the full force of law. It will be there fault should they be embarrassed before the same cameramen.”

Kamba asked PF youths to restrain themselves even under extreme provocation.