S/Africans have no morality to condemn Zambia’s governance – PF

PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri during a press briefing at the party Secretariat in Lusaka-picture by Tenson Mkhala

PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says South Africans have no moral right to comment on how President Edgar Lungu is governing Zambia.

Addressing the press today, Mumbi who has been vocal since the incarceration of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, said Zambians fought the Apartheid regime to liberate that country for the benefit of black South Africans.

“Let me take this opportunity to remind South Africa’s DA party that Zambia fought against Apartheid while they were benefiting from it. They have no morality to comment on governance issues anywhere in the world. It is also sad that a black South African has sold out and is now being paraded as the face of the former Apartheid party,” Mumbi said in reference to Mmusi Maimane.

“That is a boy who wants to use Zambia as his play ground. This is a warning that he must not dare Zambians. We do not have room for sale outs like him and his party. like any other citizens in the world, he can visit Zambia but if he breaks the law like he did when he made those remarks which boarded on contempt of court, he will book himself a bed in one of our prison cells.”

Mumbi further accused HH’s wife Mutinta of lying to the international media.

“Let me advice my sister a fellow woman, Mrs Mutinta Hichilema to stop spreading lies about her husband’s arrest especially when she sees international media. This is not what responsible spouses do, of course society expects her to stand with her husband but she must not do so to the extent of telling outright lies. If anything, she must be the last person to be running from one media to another,” she said.

Mumbi also said Hichilema’s lawyers should take the blame for the delayed manner in which the treason case was being handled.

“We would like to take this opportunity to condemn those claiming that President Edgar Lungu is prosecuting Hakainde Hichilema by the ongoing prosecution. Unfortunately, those are the lies and cheap propaganda coming from the UPND camp and their sponsors. This is hypocrisy of the worst order and we ask all right thinking Zambians to reject this narrative,” said Mumbi.

“We would like to set the record straight by saying the delays in Hichilema’s case have nothing to do with the Patriotic Front or indeed the President but the delays have been caused entirely by Hichilema’s lawyers who are addicted to raising preliminary issues over straight forward matters.”

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Mumbi Phiri please spare us your ignoramus gibberish! HH is being persecuted period! Actually the DA was established in 2000 long after the end of apartheid. Iyoo kwena chachine, when you are semi literate you accept any trash written for you by pathetic loser cadres who have illusions of grandeur of being think tanks.


It’s you showing your ignorance. The DA only changed it’s name in 2000 but has existed under different names and formats since 1959. Check your facts.

Kakoma Kakoma
Kakoma Kakoma

Mumbi Phiri! who does she think she is? Is she the owner of Zambia to be so disrespectful? Her days are numbered and she will regret having pretended to be a champion.


Mumbi Phiri are you saying that Zambia under Dr. KK had no moral right to fight Apartheid regime? I think this woman is mad and marriage material.

Watson Muyaba
Watson Muyaba

Do we live in Jupiter whereby we can’t see what is happening in our country?.
Everyone knows very well that Mumbi Phiri is a woman without morals.
Just in this article a sensible person can know that she is the one telling lies.
When those guys from SA and Zimbabwe came and insulted HH, it was nothing but business as usual.
Animal farm at play, now for how long are they going to play this kind of a game?.
We once had such people before and now they are nolonger in power.


chamba smoking woman.weed has done her bad this woman.mumbi awe sure.

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