In this audio, UPP leader Saviour Chishimba vents anger on Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima saying she has brought the judiciary to its lowest.

Yesterday, Chief Justice Mambilima said she had refused to appoint a tribunal to probe Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya over the Maizegate Scandal because it lacked merit.

But in a statement today, Saviour, who has been pushing for the tribunal, charged that Chief Justice Mambilima had lost her ‘iron lady’ title.

“We, in the United Progressive People (UPP), are utterly shocked to have learned, from some media sources, that the Chief Justice Irene Mambalima has maintained her position not to appoint the K345 million maizegate tribunal on account that it lacks merit. The judiciary has been brought to its lowest under her leadership and she has lost credibility among Zambians. She has undoubtedly lost her title of ‘Iron Lady’ and all the high expectations that Zambians had when she was appointed have disappeared in thin air. It is ridiculous for her to state that the maizegate inquiry lacks merit. It’s the corruption in the grain sector and the whole agriculture industry which has made Zambia to be among the countries in which the cost of food is unjustifiably too high,” Saviour said.

“The Chief Justice is not a Court of Law to determine whether or not a matter lacks merit. UPP did not write to her as a Court, but as a Constitutional Office, which is bound to appoint the tribunal whenever allegations are brought before the office holder. The Parliamentary and Ministerial Code of Conduct Act, is very clear and even a little child can interpret it.”

He said it was up to the tribunal to determine if a matter was frivolous.

“The power for determination is vested in the tribunal itself. If a matter is frivolous and lacks merit, the tribunal would state so and punish the person who brought the matter before it. This is plain and we don’t expect to debate on a matter which is straight forward. The Supreme Court ruling in Attorney General versus William Harrington is instructive and we have consistently urged the Chief Justice to apply her mind to this decided case. The Supreme Court held that the Chief Justice has no power whatsoever to establish whether or not there is a probable cause. All the remedies are in the law itself,” said Saviour.

“We are fully aware that the Chief Justice has deliberately been delaying the setting up of a tribunal to probe Dora Siliya. At one time we called her office to follow up on the matter and we were told that she was out of the country, but we watched her (Chief Justice) on TV with the President. Insensitive public officers and judges will soon pay heavily for the justice they are miscarrying. A day of reckoning is coming slowly, but surely! We shall be issuing a statement on the next course of action next week. As progressive nationalists and revolutionary crusaders, we have a duty to fight for the voiceless Zambians!”

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