Patriotic Front officials in Eastern Province have risen against senior government officers, demanding their immediate transfer from the region because they are giving government contracts to members of opposition political parties.

In this audio, PF provincial secretary Joseph Kolosa demands that President Lungu removes Provincial Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo, Deputy Permanent Secretary Patrick Mwanawasa and Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu because they are “giving contracts to people who are not in good standing with the party”.

“We are already poor, so we are ready for any consequences of our demands. We joined PF so that tikazipezako pamimba. We are in the ruling party to eat but our stomachs are shrinking,” Kolosa said at a highly charged gathering attended by PF supporters.

“We are demanding the removal of Chanda Kasolo, Deputy PS Patrick Mwanawasa and Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu from their respective offices. Bayende, they must go! we need to eat. As a ruling party in the province, we are pleading with massive pain and sorrow that these must go. They have not been working and supporting the party in any way. This has pained us, we are not happy, they are not working with us, but they have continued to occupy these offices.”

He said the three government officials were amassing wealth using private contractors who were not helping the party.

“These three have developed unstoppable appetite of personal wealth to the extent that they are working with contractors who are not in good standing with the party. We have no option but to demand that these unsupportive officers be removed from their respective officers,” Kolosa said.

Take a listen:

The party officials accused the trio of frustrating development in the region and frustrating efforts by Eastern Province minister Makebi Zulu.

“They are giving government contracts to members of the Opposition… The efforts of Honourable Makebi Zulu to grow the party are being frustrated” said Kolosa as party supporters consistently interrupted him with ululating and chanting of “Abash Kasolo! Abash Mwanawasa! Abash uyo winango”

The party leadership in the province demanded that the top civil servants be removed from their offices and be replaced by officers that will respect Makebi Zulu as Provincial minister and who will give contracts to members of the ruling party.